Why a Custom Menu Board?

Jul 19, 2012 | Articles

For over 20 years, VGS has been in the business of designing and manufacturing menu boards. Our experience makes us experts at truly understanding the unique requirements of a first-class foodservice marketing communication system.With the primary objective to effectively communicate your products, price and promotions, and ultimately to increase sales, we’re here to answer the question:Why a custom menu board?-    Custom menu boards offer a unique branding opportunity. Colors, fonts, logos and layouts all aid in building up your brand.-    With a custom menu board, your brand seems larger then it may actually be. Customization gives customers the perception that the brand is well thought-out, appearing “more polished.”-    A custom menu board is the first real opportunity to really communicate with your customer, in-store, at the point of decision.  Speak to your brand positioning and sales and marketing goals in your own unique way and vocabulary.-    Custom menu boards aren’t as expensive as you might think. They’re not only customized to your design, but also to your budget.-    Custom menu boards can be designed to fit your unique messaging and sales mix strategy. For example, weighting the menu more toward combos or bundles vs. ala carte.-    With a custom menu board, you can tailor the structure and layout. This allows customers to navigate your offerings in a very specific way; ranking by most popular and gross profit contribution.-    Custom menu boards are designed just for you. You can ensure they are a perfect fit and complement to your décor.-    Custom menu boards can be designed as part of a complete interior marketing and communication system. The entire system provides signage hierarchy - consisting of freestanding displays, countertop units and wall/ceiling displays – giving you an opportunity to promote the same message in different ways, or different messages in order of importance.-    You can integrate your custom menu board with digital technology. Combining technologies creates a hybrid system of both static information and dynamic content, guiding your customers’ focus exactly where you want it. You can even incorporate a magnetic lens with paper inserts or magnetic changeable strips.-    Combine backlit and front-lit technologies into your custom menu board. Along with the design, this truly creates a look that’s uniquely your own.-    Your custom menu boards will be sized and manufactured to fit your specific requirements. Size and materials are selected based on your unique architecture, location layout or size constraints/limitations.So whether it’s custom, or it just looks custom, VGS adds a whole new dimension to menu boards. Keep up with growing competition - update your current look, or completely rebrand, with our menu board systems.To learn more about our custom menu board solutions check out our website to learn more about our full range of signage capabilities.
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